Hammond Eggs with sausages

An uninspiring development, but one that conclusively proves the superiority of Hammond’s eggs.

1y ago

In recent weeks a great debate raged within the pages of FoodTribe caused by James May’s insistence that his method of poaching eggs was greater than that of Richard Hammond’s.

Quite how May’s approach of destroying eggs into solidified goo could be considered in any way to be an improvement on the traditional fashion of cooking them in a pan was not clear. He also seems to have a bizarre lust for burnt toast.

Thankfully, it was clear (to me at least) that the Hammond way was the best way, but I decided to add a vibrant twist: sausages. I felt the earth shake when I had the idea.

Although I avoided the salt aspect of Hammond’s design (Jamie Oliver I hope you’re reading this), I added vinegar to a pan of water that was left to simmer before being stirred; then, the eggs were cracked (mostly over my fingers) and left to cook – monitored distractedly at best.

The end product.

The end product.

The first two came out surprisingly close to Hammond’s desire, albeit a little too hardened – but there was plenty of the runny good stuff. The other two eggs were massively overdone and one of them turned out as a stretched flat slab (it basically looked like a Doctor Who monster), but I decided to gloss over that cock-up.

The sausages manifested themselves unusually well too, managing to brown without burning. They proved a mighty combination with the eggs, being tasty and filling. Messy, too – oh, so very drippy. If only I didn’t have the dining etiquette of a toddler.

I like to think that I successfully completed level two of Hammond Eggs. Level one hundred probably involves building a house out of eggs, which May would likely be extremely good at. Anyway, I decree that the Hammond version of poached eggs is unquestionably magnificent.

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  • Lol...Hammond eggs are the way to go! And now I'm hungry!

      1 year ago