Hands down, the best breakfast I ever had

And it was in Ukraine

2w ago

Just like the river that 'feeds' it, the Danube, the Black Sea is geographically interesting. It waters six countries but belongs to no one. It's massive. I haven't seen much of it, only the Ukrainian part and the Romanian part, and it's odd because it's the same sea but my perception changed based on where I was. That never happened to me with the Mediterreanen. But maybe it's just me.

Odessa is a giant small town on the Black Sea, in Ukraine. It's one of those cities that occupy a significant amount of land and that a large number of people call 'home', but then you go there and you realise that the area that interests you, as a traveller, is actually small.

I knew I'd spend the Summer in Kyiv, and I knew I'd be there for a couple of months, including for my birthday, so I instantly told my friend, we shall call said friend Waterski, "I wanna be in Odessa for my birthday".

So we went. The problem that Ukraine shares with Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic (it's a long list) is that people from America, the UK and Western Europe go there and then bang on about how everything "is so cheap, man". That's a problem. It's like Seiko. Seiko customers and lovers have been saying "Seiko watches are so cheap, man" for too long, and Seiko eventually realised its watches may be underpriced and prices went up.

A similar chain reaction, plus supply-demand, happened in Kyiv and Ukraine in general. Before 2012 (the European Cup), you could get beer in Kyiv for 25 cents. Then it went up. And then over the last two years a lot of people realised they could simply live where they liked, because they work online, and so they went East to get more for their money. I can't blame them. That's exactly what I did.

The reason I'm telling you this is my hotel in Odessa was nice, but it was nearly as expensive as it would've been in, say, Nice or Cannes. And next to it, Waterski suggested a nice French restaurant, which was definitely more expensive than a similar establishment in Nice or Cannes. It was worth it, though.

I was born at 11:40 AM and for reasons I can't frankly understand, I care. And that's why at 11:40 AM exactly, Waterski and I spoke Russian to the waitress to get a table. And when I say 'we spoke' Russian, I mean only Waterski did. Because I can't. Fun fact: generally speaking, even though diplomatic relations between Russia and Ukraine aren't great (euphemism), during my 2-month stay in Kyiv I realised most people speak Russian on a daily basis, not Ukrainian. Even though everyone can speak both.

Anyway, breakfast at Lou Lou, started with the Frenchest cliche of all French cliches: croque monsieur. It was juicy and good. For a second I felt like I was in Paris. Nah, just kidding. But the cheese was melted the way it should be melted and the bread was burnished, not burnt, the way I like it. And it had been garnished as if the chefs were trying to paint a picture of it, turn into it an NFT, and become billionaires.

After the croque monsieur, we ordered what turned out to be an alternative take on the traditional Ukrainian cake, which involves almonds, and it is devoted to almonds. And to make sure she hammered the point home, the waitress used an almond grater to scrape almond onto the cake.

A few years ago I basically made a vow... to myself, that I'd try to spend my birthday abroad, whenever I can. I'll probably keep on doing exactly what I've done so far in 2022 so I'm assuming I'll be somewhere East. We'll see. We get what we get and we don't get upset, as they say.

What's gonna happen to my content after February 1st? I'll keep writing about cars and watches on Flabbergasted, cryptocurrencies on bitcoinea and Publish0x. I also have five instagram accounts: personal, cars, watches, drinks news and crypto; as well as two (semi-active) YouTube channels (personal and cars). Thank you for your support on Drivetribe/Foodtribe, and thank you in advance should you choose to read my content elsewhere in the future.

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  • Great story! I am glad you got what you wanted for your birthday.

      14 days ago
  • Interesting article, as always. Pity, Foodtribe is coming to the end. My wife and I have always enjoyed your articles, particularly the one about Wine holes in Florence as well as your adventures in less known areas, like Eastern Europe and Balkans. We can't wait to re-visit Florence and visit new ones you mentioned in your articles. We are also looking forward to more of your writing on other platforms. Thank you for the past and best of luck in the future!

      13 days ago