- If you're happy and you know it wash your hands...

Handwashing Challenge

Because the most basic of hygiene principles is now a challenge, here we go!

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Washy washy!

Cheers Ben Welham and John Coleman for the nom'.

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Comments (20)

  • I had no idea Jesus Billington was on FoodTribe

      1 year ago
  • You look like Tom Hanks in Cast Away

      1 year ago
  • Good job glad you made it through the challenge ok lol. found you a blue towel lol. It would match

      1 year ago
  • Washing them properly is the real challenge! 🤭😂

    Thanks for participating. 😊

      1 year ago
  • Did mine yesterday. It was quite a funny two parter. Check it out. If it makes you laugh like and reply. Doing another would just be greedy 😜

      1 year ago