Hangovers are an illness says German court

Does this mean people can officially miss work for being 'ill'?

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1y ago

We have all had those days where we feel like death. You've had a lot to drink the night before, you can't remember much of it, and all you want to do is sleep.

Here is a very drunk Richard Hammond...

Here is a very drunk Richard Hammond...

Interestingly enough, the German court has just ruled hangovers are an illness. This has conveniently been announced following the start of Oktoberfest. Looks like someone wants a break from work after a couple weeks of heavy drinking...

This case came about because a company selling health 'anti-hangover' shots and drink powders was making illegal health claims. This clearly got the court thinking. If you're not in your normal state, you are technically ill. And trust me, when you are hungover, you feel ill.

“Information about a food product cannot ascribe any properties for preventing, treating or healing a human illness or give the impression of such a property,” claimed the court. "By an illness, one should understand even small or temporary disruptions to the normal state or normal activity of the body."

Whether this means we'll soon be able to take the day off work because we're 'ill' is unclear, but by what we know, it looks like that may be possible.

What do you make of this?

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  • that looks like 100 proof Smirnoff vodka 😂😂

      1 year ago
  • This seems very dangerous...

      1 year ago
  • Ain’t that the truth.

      1 year ago
  • I don’t think I can write Hungover on my sick note & still keep my job

      1 year ago
  • Thank god!!!

      1 year ago