Happiness is... being able to eat out at restaurants and pubs again

My first meal out post-lockdown easing was worth braving the nearly freezing temperatures for. Plus I had a pretty sweet ride to get there in...

3w ago

Lockdown restrictions in the UK are starting to ease. Since Monday 12 April, pubs and restaurants with outdoor space have been able to open again. Naturally, as we're in Britain, things are still a little bit chilly (the week started off with snow across large parts of the UK, so that gives an indication as to how cold it still is.).

But of course, we're British. We're resilient, and we laugh in the face of a bit of frostbite served up with our dinner. I've seen so many people getting themselves out to support hospitality across the country, which as we know has been hit so hard, and it's so heartening.

I popped to the local pub on Monday night for a couple of drinks, complete with heaters, and out for dinner to a different pub last night, sans heaters. The temperature got down to 3 °C by the end, but I was prepared: cashmere jumper, down jacket, extra cardigan, gloves, and a bonus blanket.

It was so lovely to be brought dinner that I hadn't cooked myself. The pub was running a reduced menu, but it turns out, I haven't got any better at being decisive with my food choices after months of not being allowed out!

We shared a cheesy garlic bread to start, I had beef and porcini bourguignon with mash potato, a cheese dumpling and roasted carrots for my main, and a chocolate brownie with Irish cream ice cream (in the dark) for puds.

...I also had a pretty nice drive out to the pub.

We've been quite lucky with the weather this week, despite the cold!

It looks positively balmy...

Getting darker...

Temperature's dropping...

There's a brownie in there somewhere...

I genuinely can't wait for things to open up further. If you're in the UK, have you been out anywhere yet? And if you're in other parts of the world, what's the eating out situation like where you are?

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Comments (29)

  • That brownie looks amazing. Hubby and I were able to eat out for the first time a few months ago. I never thought I’d get so giddy over seared chicken with mushrooms and sauce. But as you said it was just really nice to be able to go out and enjoy the restaurant experience once again.

      27 days ago
  • wow, the brownie looks awesome!

      27 days ago
  • Have you had the opportunity to dine at May’s restaurant? If so, how is the food?

      27 days ago
  • I agree

      27 days ago
  • Local restaurants near me are still takeout only, but to be fair... None of them are as nice as your restaurants, so it's no real loss. I do terribly miss sitting down for dinner and drinks in a pub with friends though.

    That NSX though..... 🤩🤩🤩

      27 days ago
    • The NSX made the whole thing eeeeeven sweeter! I've wanted to drive one FOR YEARS.

      And I'm sure you've got lots of lovely places near you too! I've really, really missed seeing friends for dinner/drinks!!

        27 days ago