Happiness returns thanks to frozen cheesecakes discovery

Tiny pots of chilled cheesecakes hold the spectacular joys of life.

40w ago

It is universally accepted that the cheesecake is the ultimate triumph of life. Forget marriage, children or watching your first 18-rated film, the taste of a perfect cheesecake holds all of life’s desires.

It is said (by me in my own head) that the humble cheesecake holds great powers that even the heroic gods of ancient Greece would fail to grasp even a glimmer of control over. For all its innocence and apparent wackiness (who would want a lump of cheese on a cake?), the almighty cheesecake is capable of bringing even the toughest of culinary gurus to the ground, desperately scurrying around to lick up molecules of cream.

Never very practical though, are they? Floppy and crumbly, cheesecakes have all the enduring consistency of a reality TV relationship. Which is where Pleesecakes comes in with its revolutionary Freezecakes creation.

Shattering the status quo that has for so long drained the resourcefulness of the strongest of cheesecake warriors, Pleesecakes – a company that specialises in custom-made cheesecakes – has solved the long-standing crisis of fragile cheesecakes by launching a range of frozen desserts called Freezecakes (which it is keen to point out are definitely not, in absolutely no way, anything like ice cream. They just happen to be frozen cream).

Available in convenient tubs, flavours include Bonnie and Clyde (butterscotch and caramel with chocolate biscuit), Charlie (chocolate accompanied with popcorn, biscuit, ganache and more chocolate) and Lily-Rose (lemon and raspberry equipped with shortbread, white chocolate and frozen raspberries).

All of the flavours are individually crafted by the skilled hands at Pleesecakes and as such are being sold for £6.50 each or £19.50 for the full three-pack. They all can be ordered at your leisure through the big food delivery apps.

It’s time for Ben and Jerry’s to watch out!

Are you going to try out the frozen cheesecakes?

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  • I buy cheap 'New York' cheese cakes from Lidle, then add fruit and toffee sauce.

    It is a perfectly balanced meal. Has protein, carbohydrate, fat, sugar (and probably salt), minerals and vitamins.

    I would have had one for my tea but hand a Donner Kebab instead, which contains protein, carbohydrate, fat, salt (and probably sugar), minerals and vitamins.

      9 months ago