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Happy Birthday, John! #CookJohnColeman crepes recipe

It's not easy to cook John Coleman - he's too tall to fit in the pan! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

There are countless recipes for crepes, but this particular one I've been using since I was tall enough to reach the stove. Easy to make - easy to eat. That's the balance crepes have to maintain, because they are a multi-purpose meal. You can fill them with everything and serve them with anything.

Today it's the first time though, when I have to use a different unit of measurements, since the recipe is very specific and it can be challenging to reach a consistency in the mix. So I would use cups, instead of weight and volume. If you decide to use my recipe, remember - use the same size cup for measuring both the milk and the flour! This is essential! The volume of the cup I use is 200 ml.


β€’ 3 eggs

β€’ 4 cups of milk (that's cow juice, almond stuff will NOT work)

β€’ 2 cups of plain white flour

β€’ A single pinch of salt

β€’ 1 teaspoon of cooking oil (sunflower works best)


Mix all together in a bowl, until it's liquidy, consistent and bubbles start to appear on the surface when you stop the mixing. It should look like that:

Get the shallow and flat-bottomed pancake pan and use a kitchen brush to spread just a little bit of cooking oil in it (single dip of the brush). Pick a ladle full of the mix and pour it with a circular movement of the hand from the centre towards the outside, to spread the mix and cover the bottom evenly. It's not gonna be perfect every time, so don't worry too much. It should look like this:

Yes - those burn marks on the pan are an evidence of my "talent" πŸ˜‚

Yes - those burn marks on the pan are an evidence of my "talent" πŸ˜‚

Jiggle the pan in short intervals and when you see the crepe is moving, this means it's time to flip it. You can do the air acrobatics if you feel confident enough. I personally use a wooden spatula as the safest option. Do the same pan jiggle for the other side as well. When ready on both sides, place on the most comfortable surface for you to fold in shapes or make a roll. A ready crepe looks like this:

Yes, it's burned - you can do better than me!

Yes, it's burned - you can do better than me!

Then spread cooking oil in the pan with the brush again and repeat until you run out of mix. The thinner crepes you manage to make, the bigger the count. I personally don't do too thin, because they tend to dry up quickly and you want your crepes to be moist, mushy and delicious!

The Challenge

Now since this is my entry for Doug's challenge, I did a sweet version with homemade blueberry jam. Living near a mountain forest has its perks. Like you would do with ordinary pancakes - spread it on one side and voila:

From then on, you can fold it or roll it every way you see fit! But John can be salty too, especially if you tease him with the upside-down Aussie stereotypes. So I've made a salty version with smoked cheese and Vienna ham.

Works just as well, but I forgot to put barbecue sauce on and I would highly recommend not to forget this step. Makes a world of difference! But wait - there's more!

I had to address our dear friend's pants award obsession, so I used a food colouring for the first time in my life, to try and invent sweet and salty . . PANTScakes! The result nearly deserves a separate post in the "Food Fails" tribe, but I'll spare you the searching. Looks like the cloth I use to clean my laptop...

The PANTScakes . . or whatever that is. The left is sweet, the right is salty.

The PANTScakes . . or whatever that is. The left is sweet, the right is salty.

Jokes aside - happy birthday, John. Wish you all the best that can happen to a person in the world with this traditional (for my family) birthday breakfast in bed. Happy 21st, little brother! πŸ₯³

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