Happy New Years!!!

I hope everyone's New Year's Eve was safe and delicious.

1y ago

We had our good friends over last night to help bring in the new year. We had a small selection of mostly finger foods. There was ribs, pasta salad(still using up veggies), cheeseball along with a few other things to top off some crackers and also had some chips. Had to break out the odd flavored chips so everyone could give them a try. Everyone could graze as they wanted.

Last nights entertainment

I don't know how many of you have ever played or heard of it but we played a few games of UNO. We had some live music for part of the night for our entertainment as well. Then we all took turns playing the Playstation VR. Beat Saber, Arizona Sunshine and Superhot were mostly the choices to play. As time ticked away towards the final minutes of 2019 we brought up the livestream of the ball dropping. The best memories are when you are with the people you enjoy the most.

Good food and good people, I couldn't ask for anything better. What did you do last night? Anything good to eat?

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