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Harissa P​ork Steak

1y ago
- N​ice weeknight meal.

This was quick, easy and most importantly delicious! I made harissa, the best I have ever. I'd love to elaborate but I was just throwing the usual ingredients to do into a processor and It came out amazing. Of course, you can just buy some ready-made.

I drizzled a pork loin steak with olive oil and sprinkled it with some sea salt. Put a griddle pan on a medium-high heat, add the steak for two minutes. Turn it over and add a tablespoon of harissa to the top side, then after two minutes turn it again and do the same. Then turn it again for a final two minutes. Then let it rest for five minutes, cut it up into slices. It was perfect, nice and juicy.

Served it with some sweet potato mash, rocket salad and the obligatory glass of red lovely!

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