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Has anyone tried to make water kefir? I've been making it for the past couple of months as an alternative source of probiotics (yogurt doesn't agree with me). It doesn't taste bad or anything, but I sometimes wonder if it's doing any good. Maybe I'll pop some under the microscope later to see what I've been ingesting. :)

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  • I have no idea what that is.

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      1 month ago
    • Thank you for the welcome. This is an interesting place!

      Water kefir is made by feeding sugar to "grains" made up of a biofilm matrix of bacteria and yeasts (appetizing, isn't it?). The biofilm matrix normally forms on prickly pear cactus...

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        1 month ago
    • Nope I have never done that. Yes it does sound a little mad chemist 🤣

      If it works for you it is all worth it. I would try it though.

        1 month ago
  • No I haven't but it sounds interesting

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      1 month ago
  • Good luck

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      1 month ago
  • I look forward to meeting Rose and Heather! I'll bet their a handful ! Cheers Jeanine

      1 month ago