Have you ever had a shrimp burger?

Maybe you should..

2w ago

As some of you should know this is not my first shrimp burger and it definitely won't be my last. I had actually made some of my own for John Coleman's challenge and will make those again. This was a frozen patty that you fry or grill up and serve it how you want it. This was bacon and cheddar flavored.

I definitely did not notice bacon chunks but I could tell there was cheese and with that being said if you find this flavor, don't grill it because it will stick. There are a few different flavors available. I topped mine with bacon, sharp white cheddar, onion, jalapenos and a little BBQ sauce.

These are packed with shrimp. Whole small shrimp and some pieces as well. Not only does this give you something a little different to have for dinner but it is very quick and easy as well. So would you try them? How would you top yours?

I wish you all a safe and happy week

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Comments (42)

  • Oh wow

      20 days ago
  • Wow! A shrimp burger! 🍤😯

    I definetely (and sadly!) haven't seen that anywhere but I really want to try now 🥺

    I think I'd have mine with lettuce and mayo... And probably some cheese and fried onions 😋

      20 days ago
    • Do you have a batter recipe? I made my own for challenge

        20 days ago
  • Shrimp burgers are great! We had them at Big Shake's Nashville Hot Chicken and Fish in Franklin, TN. They were freshly prepared, battered, and fried to order.

      19 days ago
    • Oh nice! I had made some before that I battered and those were so good.

        19 days ago
  • I live in the US south. Pretty common thing here. Very yummy!

      20 days ago
  • Oommy...I haven't tried it ever, but looking at this one, I will more than happy to try one.

      20 days ago