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Have you heard of this useful TikTok wrap hack before?

It's rather game changing...

6w ago

If you are a butter-fingered, clumsy excuse of a man like me, you may need help wrapping your tortilla wraps. It often takes me several attempts to get it right, and even then it isn't very good.

However, I stumbled across this 'hack' on TikTok which has been a game changer. It's not so much a hack as it is a lesson on how to wrap a tortilla wrap properly. This simple technique ensures all the insides of the wrap are contained so they don't slip out, which is always a terribly annoying situation to be in.

The video is by someone called @thefoldinglady who is the saviour when it comes to keeping food nice and compact. The technique includes a tuck-and-roll like method which as you can see, works a treat.

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  • I still hold to the idea of edible staples

      1 month ago