HBO Max is making a comedy inspired by the Bon Appetit fallout

Ex-Bon Appetit journalist Ryan Walker-Hartshorn will be consulting on the series

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HBO Max have announced they will be creating a sitcom inspired by the Bon Appetit scandal of summer 2020. The half hour comedy series, 'Enjoy Your Meal', will "draw inspiration from the multiple media scandals of summer 2020 and today, focusing on a cohort of young assistants of color who rise up to tear their cookie cutter corporate culture apart," as per The Hollywood Reporter.

As the series is in the early development stage, there is no trailer or release date just yet, and the cast still remains an eagerly anticipated mystery. What we do know however, is that Ryan Walker Hartshorn, the former assistant to ex-editor in chief Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit will be consulting on the series. Intrigued? Us too!

When the Hollywood reporter first announced the news, Walker-Hartshorn tweeted: "blessed, humbled and honored and freaking excited to be on this journey with these incredible womxn!!! Time to eat."

Time to eat indeed; as if Walker-Hartshorn's contribution to the series is not exciting enough, we will also see 'Insecure' writer and executive producer Amy Aniobi scripting the series, alongside producers 'The Kids Are All Right's' Galt Niederhoffer, Monica Villarreal, and record producer Drew Dixon.

'Enjoy Your Meal' will take a satirical approach to examining the toxic underbelly of food media, drawing inspiration from the Bon Appetit scandal that propelled yet another incident of racial discrimination into the forefront of current discussion.

The scandal!

Bon Appetit was initially criticised last summer when photos of the then editor in chief Adam Rapoport emerged in brownface. Rapoport's behaviour was criticised as being suggestive of a wider cultural issue at Bon Appetit, leading to his speedy resignation.

This was a catalyst for other incidents of discrimination coming to light, with racist and homophobic tweets from Conde Nast's (Bon Appetit's mother company) former vice president Matt Duckor circulating, who also later resigned.

Ryan Walker-Hartshorn and other Bon Appetit 'Test Kitchen' stars started to move away from the publication one by one after allegations of racial discrimination in salary and tokenisation emerged. Walker-Hartshorn told Business Insider that she was treated "like the help", and was made to clean Rapoports golf clubs and fetch his son's passport.

Walker-Hartshorn has continued to speak out about racial discrimination in the industry and current affairs, saying of her departure in August 2020 that she will "continue championing black stories and black people, wherever that may be."

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