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Healthy recipe alert: A tasty Paneer s​tir fry to shake up January mealtimes

Your tastebuds still function when you're on a health kick

2w ago

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I​t wouldn't be absurd to assume you've recently started a health kick for the new year. Maybe you're tucking into a Ryvita while reading this? Or you've decided to masquerade as a vegetarian for the month of January? Either way, we slice up greens and step tentatively into detox territory.

But a new year diet doesn't mean a bland diet. No way! Dial up the flavour in the kitchen with this game changing sticky soy and hoisin paneer stir-fry. It's made using Apetina Paneer, which not only adds bite to this vibrant and nutritious dish, but its porous texture soaks and draws all of the flavours together: the broccoli, mushrooms and zingy chilli with it.

What exactly is paneer? It's a soft, mild and fresh-tasting type of cheese that has been enjoyed in India for centuries and traditionally it's made with citrus juice and milk. You can marinate it, grill it, fry it, or pop it into soups or stews. Plus paneer contains just 8% fat and aids digestion, in case you don't believe us we made this poster...

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Now Apetina Paneer is taking on halloumi and tofu in 2021 to become your go-to ingredient to liven up veggie dishes and mid-week feasts like the humble stir fry, and it comes at us just at a time when people in the UK are waking up to this amazingly versatile ingredient. You can already buy it from major supermarkets such as Sainsbury's, Tesco, and even on Amazon.

We are 100% behind this mission towards paneer world domination, so you'll be hearing a lot more about Apetina Paneer on FoodTribe this year. Expect more super easy and tasty recipes to follow.

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