Heinz declares U.S. ketchup shortage

Production cannot keep up with rising demand from takeaway

4w ago

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused plenty of problems in the food world over the last year or so. However, almost nobody expected there to be a ketchup shortage as a result of increased takeaway and home delivery during the pandemic. Despite recent efforts to increase the production of ketchup, Kraft Heinz state that they simply cannot keep up with demand.

In an attempt to resolve this crisis, Heinz is adding more production lines in its current factories in hope to increase manufacturing by 25%. This should result in a total of 12 billion ketchup sachets produced on an annual basis. Until production can keep up, expect to continue paying a premium for the tomato condiment. Plate IQ reports that ketchup packet prices have risen by 13% since January 2020.

Whilst some restaurants are cutting costs by switching to generic brands, others are unwilling to abandon Heinz. Owner of Blake Street Tavern, Chris Fuselier, expressed his concern over the shortage to the Wall Street Journal. "How can we serve French fries without Heinz ketchup?"

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Comments (4)

  • Oh no! What are we going to do? . . (mildly ironic) . . Just buy and use tomatoes. Still better than any tomato-made sauces. It's the real thing :)

      29 days ago
  • Hmmm, huge amount of plastic which can’t be recycled 😱

      27 days ago
  • Must be Heinz. All other brands are inferior.

      1 month ago
  • The one pizza shop within driving distance (no delivery!) throws at least a dozen catsup packets into the bag whenever we order fries or onion rings, and my hubby and I never need more than a couple. I never throw anything away, so I suspect we have enough of these excess catsup packets in the cupboard to last through this "crisis." :) This seems as silly as the toilet paper shortage last year (I keep imagining great grandkids - not mine, we aren't hoarders - going through people's attics and wondering why there is so much TP squirreled away up there!).

      1 month ago