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Heinz promised we wouldn't run out of beans. Now they're delivering – literally

Quick, someone tell James May!

1y ago

Beans are a staple of the British diet. It doesn't matter what you're having; if it's savoury, you can have beans with it. The question is often not if you want beans, but rather – how many beans do you want?

So, when people started to panic buy, naturally there was a tangible moment of dread that struck the nation: what if we run out of beans?

Heinz know we rely on them and were quick to issue reassurance that, of all the things we would have to sacrifice during these topsy turvy times, beans would not be one of them.

Reinforcing that message, Heinz have launched a website, Heinz to Home, offering to deliver to your house – so you can not only enjoy your beans as normal, but you don't have to risk life and limb to get them. A ray of joy, i'm sure you'll agree!

They're calling it the Essentials Bundle – and my goodness, are they right about that.

How much is this service? Cheap! For £10 (plus £3.50 delivery) Heinz will bring you 16 tins – eight of which will be beans, and the rest will be made up of hoops and soups, for a bit of variety.

Heinz will have your box delivered to you within three days – and if you are concerned about a loved one running out, they can deliver a box to them too.

The president of Kraft Heinz, Northern Europe, said, "We are very proud to announce the launch of our new online shop – Heinz to Home – which will deliver Heinz varieties directly to the doorsteps of people across the UK.

"While we continue to work day and night to get our most loved Heinz varieties on shelf, we hope this new initiative will help those who cannot otherwise access our products."

He added, "As part of this initiative we also want to thank all key workers – these are the people who are ensuring we are still able to access essential items, receive the medical services we need and keep our streets safe."

Heinz also plan to expand the selection to include their range of baby food – to help ease the strain on parents, and keep everyone safe.

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Comments (4)

  • God bless Heinz 😭🤘

      1 year ago
  • That's cool! Wish I could order some!

      1 year ago
  • Have to find out if they deliver in Germany - it would end some useless shopping

      1 year ago