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Hellmann's launches three new vegan mayos – including vegan Baconnaise

The perfect condiment for Veganuary

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Just in time for Veganuary, Hellmann's has launched three new vegan mayos, and we can't wait to try them.

If you're already vegan or you're looking to try out Veganuary, you now have Chipotle Vegan Mayo, Garlic Vegan Mayo and Vegan Baconnaise to look forward to. Yes, you read that right, vegan Baconnaise.

Photo from Hellmann's

Photo from Hellmann's

To celebrate the launch of these plant based mayos, Hellmann's has come up with some fun ways of giving away early samples of Baconnaise.

The #BringHomeTheVeganBacon campaign has multiple ways for you to try and get a sample. If your last name is Bacon you can register to try a jar, and if you live on a Bacon Street, be on the lookout because Hellmann's will be making random deliveries to Bacon Street residents across the UK.

Senior Marketing Manager at Hellmann's UK & Ireland, Rachel Chambers, had this to say about the new products, "We know just how bacon-hungry our nation is, so we figured we couldn't hide this one from out British fans any longer. And who better than to try our all-new bacon flavored vegan mayo first than those that share the name of our all-time favorite meat?

"We're like pigs in mud with our new Baconnaise, and the just-as-tasty Chipotle and Garlic spreads. We can't wait for UK consumers to taste it for themselves – especially at a time when the bacon cravings might be hitting little piggies' homes the most. It might be rash to say it tastes just like the real thing - but we wouldn't be telling porkies if we did."

The Hellmann's Chipotle, Garlic Mayo and Baconnaise will be available at Asda, Amazon Fresh and Ocado nationwide at it will run you £2.50 a jar.

Will you guys be picking up any of these mayos? If you do let us know which one and how you like it.

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