Hennessy Cognac launches its first NFT, but you can also have the 'real' thing

And the NFT 'only' costs 70.47 ETH (around $226k at today's rate)

1w ago

Hennessy Cognac, one of many brands owned by the French luxury giant LVMH, is launching a duo of unique Hennessy 8 bottles, numbered 1/250 and 250/250 and in order to properly mark the occasion, it is also releasing an NFT to go with them.

Both NFTs will be available on BloackBar on January 12, priced at 70.47 Ethereum - which is around $226k at the moment but I'm sure that'll have changed about a million different ways between now and January 12.

The physical Hennessy 8 bottles will be sold with a custom made chest designed by artist Arik Levy, made from 25 layers of oak staves and accompanied by a copper key. The 'package' also includes a a box with four tasting glasses, a sculpture, a cork and a pipette, along with a personalised authentication plate.

Would you rather have the bottle of the NFT? I bet the soon-to-be buyers won't have to make that choice.

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  • Tried Chilli 🌶 Vodka, amusing for about 5 seconds, then had to subdue heat with a nice bottle of Champagne 🍾🤣

      6 days ago
  • Naa, I will pass

      7 days ago