Herb Salt from Cervia (I know, I'm obsessed with salt)

I got a thing for salt. I know that's a weird to say but that's what it is. Probably not great my heart, either. Maybe. Anyway, I really want my food to be spicy and salty and that's why I just got this herb salt from Cervia. The one with the blue label goes with fish and vegetables whereas the one with the green label goes with meat. But I always forget so I just end up using both, whenever. Cervia, by the way, is a seaside resort town in Emilia Romagna, on the East Coast of Italy, famous for its natural salt pans. The whole world in Cervia basically revolves around salt. I should move there.

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  • is salt good for you? @tribe

      2 years ago
  • All is good, as long with moderation 🤣

      2 years ago
  • Me too did you read my article about Droitwich Salt their charcoal salt is amazing on steak

      2 years ago
  • I totally agree with Alessandro. There is something very special about the sweet salt from Cervia. I treasured the two jars I brought home and wish I'd bought a lot more. I can't wait to go back again and to its neighbour Milano Marittima. Besides the fantastic local salt there is wonderful seafood served right at the quayside in a humble restaurant run by the fishermen and their families. It's very rustic so don't expect expensive linen. If you thought you'd had the best Fritto Misto de Mare anywhere else......then think again! Cervia is the place to visit. A beautiful little town centre with the canal to the Adriatic. Stunning beachside hotels nearby with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants too. Even in early October, the weather was warm and dry (and the hotels are cheaper then too!) It took me around 90 minutes to drive from Bologna Airport to the area, and there are also flights into nearby Rimini too. Thank you for reminding me of a wonderful trip to Emilia Romagna.

      7 months ago