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Here are 5 amazing desserts that our tribers baked up

Baking Tribe's top 5 for November

Jane Fyffe posted in Baking
7w ago

Our FoodTribers were baking up a storm in November. I have a tasty looking pie and some cakes to share with you.

#5 Kyra Sage: Apple pie

I love a good apple pie and Kyra's pie definitely looks mighty fine.

#4 Denise Perry: Pumpkin cheesecake

Not only does this look amazing but it has cinnamon-sugar whipped cream!

#3 Robert Percy: Birthday cake

Robert's mum and sister made this cake for his birthday. I would be pretty happy with this as well. Happy birthday Robert!

#2 Tanya Hall: Chocolate cake

Tanya gives us this nice looking chocolate cake topped with berries and a nice view to go along with it.

#1 Amanda M: Japanese strawberry shortcake

Amanda made this for a challenge that was going on at the time and it simply looks mouthwatering.

I hope you all enjoyed November's top 5 and I will see you again next time...

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