Here's all the exciting Iceland Christmas food for 2021

I absolutely need the Black Forest & Chocolate Mousse

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Christmas is around the corner and major supermarket chains are launching their Christmas range ahead of time. After Morrison, M&S and Tesco, Iceland has revealed its festive food range for 2021 and, as ever, it looks promising.

Iceland specialises in frozen foods - especially frozen turkeys - and you’d expect you can choose between a wide array of turkeys, from the ‘Extra Tasty Turkey Crown‘ to Turkey Stuffed with Chestnuts and Cranberry and Turkey Wrapped in Bacon.

There are also other types of meat such as the Sea Salt & Black Pepper Sirloin Joint, the Carvery Lamb Shoulder with Garlic & Thyme Butter and Marmalade Glazed Gammon Joint.

If you’re partial to a bit of fish and seafood you can start with the brand new King Prawns in Blankets, the Smoked Salmon and the Smoked Haddock Gratin.

That’s the classic stuff, but if you’re looking for a different, more intriguing alternatives, there are numerous pies and new ideas, including the Luxury Mac & Cheese Tart, which is basically a puff pastry tart filled with cooked macaroni pasta in a creamy vintage cheddar cheese sauce, garnished with toasted breadcrumbs, grated red Leicester cheese and parsley; or you can go for the Mini Lasagne Bites.

If you‘re in the mood for a sweet treat, you can grab the Matchmaking Cups, chocolate cups filled with whipped cream; the inevitable Winter Forest Log, and a delicious-looking Black Forest & Chocolate Mousse.

You can buy most of these items tomorrow, with a few exceptions that are going to be available from November 8.

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