Here's an amazing trick to tell whether your flour is plain or self-raising

This simple technique could save you time and money when baking

5w ago

There's nothing worse than getting everything set up for a recipe, counting out all your ingredients, and then discovering the label on your jar/bag/tub of flour has fallen off. It's been so long since you used it last, you can't remember if it's plain or self-raising... well, now you can find out easily - ideal for avoiding a trip to the store.

A Facebook user from New South Wales found herself in this exact predicament the other day, and asked members of a group for tricks to find out which type of flour she had. Well, not only did they come up with a solution, but there was more than one technique!

The so-called 'water trick' involved putting a teaspoon of the mysterious flour into a glass of water, whereby the reaction will determine which type of flour you have: If the flour sinks, it is plain. If it floats and bubbles up to the surface, you have self-raising.

You can also apparently taste-test your flour, but this one isn't quite so fun - apparently, self-raising flour 'tingles' on your tongue thanks to the baking powder mixed into it, whereas plain flour just tastes... well... plain.

So, next time you find yourself in this tricky situation... you can figure out your flour type with ease!

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Comments (2)

  • Very interesting!

      1 month ago
  • I do believe we don’t even have self-raising flour in germany. But if you can buy stuff like this, a very valid trick to know. Wouldn’t want to mix it with yeast — or add more soda 🤪🤣

      1 month ago