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Here's how cat cafes are surviving quarantine in the Dubai heat

How are the 25 cats being cared for?

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41w ago

Despite lockdown restrictions being relaxed in UAE, there are still some in place which means a lot of businesses are suffering. However, not all businesses have 25 cats living inside its buildings do they?

Not only do they have to deal with the coronavirus, but the cats also have to deal with the increasing furnace which is the Dubai summer. It is reaching temperatures of up to 39 degrees centigrade some days which is awful unless you are being taken care of like these kitties are.

Ailuromania Cafe in Dubai is a cat cafe and they have had to make sure all the cats are properly taken care of while the business is closed. To do this, the two sisters who own the cafe, Iman and Allaa Ahmed Al Aulaqi along with staff have taken it in turns to live in the building along with the cats to properly care for them.

One of the sisters said, “At first, I thought about bringing them to my home. But cats get stressed when you move them, and I already had some shy cats at home. So I started thinking about ways to minimise their stress. We have an empty space upstairs, above the cafe, where we have been having our yoga sessions. So I came up with the idea to move them there, with myself, my sister and our two staff taking turns looking after them. They’re used to human beings being around and can’t be alone all day.”

This means that one person is spending 24 hours at a time with these felines to ensure they are being treated as normal. During this time, staff play with the cats, feed them, ensure there is enough water, monitor temperature of the building and relax as there isn't much else to do is there!

However it isn't all fun and games as the sisters have been paying for all the expenses out of their savings to take care of the felines. Iman said that the expenses for a single cat comes up to roughly Dh100 (£22) per month.

As for what you can do, the owners said they are always looking for people to adopt any cats and give them a good home but even purchasing a future ticket to the cafe is much appreciated.

Ailuromania Cafe is situated in, Umm Suqeim 3, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.

For more information, visit their FaceBook page.

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  • I’d love to spend a day with them. But imagine the effect on a cat hater! What a YouTube video that would make!

      9 months ago
  • I’m still yet to make it to my local cat cafe, but they were doing things like yoga classes with the cats and all sorts of really fun stuff! I can’t wait till the reopen

      9 months ago