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Welcome to Studio, your content kitchen on FoodTribe.

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Welcome to FoodTribe! We're the home of eatertainment and a place where anyone can be a content creator. Whether you want to write articles, features, news, or recipes, create polls or quizzes, share videos, or just post pictures of your amazing (or not so amazing!) dinner, you can do all that and more. It's really easy to do, so let's get started.


Studio is your content kitchen on FoodTribe! You use to it write articles, post videos, create quizzes and polls. Content created using Studio has a higher chance of being promoted across our social media channels, as well as being promoted to the homepage on site.

You can also get paid to create content if you use Studio.


Studio isn't available on the app at the moment, so you have to log in to FoodTribe with a desktop computer. You'll find it by clicking on your profile:

Once you click CREATE IN STUDIO, you'll see a dashboard that looks like this:

LIVE – where you'll see all your published posts and how they're performing

SCHEDULED – posts that you've scheduled

DRAFTS – posts you're working on

PREVIEW – click this and the highlighted post will show as if it's been published

IMPRESSIONS – the amount of times your content has been viewed

NEW POST – yes, click this to create a new post. This is what you'll see:

Suppose you click ARTICLE. Make sure to give it an appealing and relevant hero image and an engaging headline.

Each time you hit Enter, you'll see a (+) icon. This opens your toolbar, with the option to add an IMAGE, QUOTE, POLL, , or more, right there in the text.

When you've finished creating the article, click SAVE.


In the top right hand corner, you can see 'Posting to Your Profile'. You can either do this, or post it directly into one of our Tribes. This will mean the content will show up in that Tribe, and will likely be seen by more people.

You can see what Tribes are available here. – If there isn't a tribe that matches your content exactly, find one where it best fits.

Once you've found the right Tribe, hit PUBLISH.

NOTE: It's a good idea to write your article in Word, Notes or Google Docs (basically not directly into Studio), and make sure you hit the 'SAVE" button a few times while you're publishing. It's very rare something will go wrong, but we don't want you to lose all your hard work if there is ever a glitch!


That's what we're here for! Leave a comment below or message one of the team.

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  • Great info John ✌️ Nice for new kids and a refresher for the vets

      1 year ago
  • Very helpful information

      1 year ago
  • Thank you John for that lovely article! A lot of work!

      1 year ago
    • Thanks Shivaum - I've got to give and a lot of the credit though.

        1 year ago
  • Now to be more talented at photography 😆.

      1 year ago
    • Or use the take 30, 1 will work approach.

        1 year ago
    • I do that for what I *have* to produce now. My mom was a photographer so I hear her criticism over every photo I take. I like peace in my brain, so I just skip it. Great, I just realized what else I need to tackle in therapy. 😆

        1 year ago
  • Informative! I'd love to try that but unfortunately for now I got my cellphone to work on.....hopefully in the near future we will get studio on our smartphones!?!😊

    Thank you

      1 year ago