Here's how to dice onions (or almost any root veg) faster and safer

Yep, I only just found out how to do this

2y ago

Dicing onions (or any veg) can be a bit of a pain if you can't be arsed to get the food processor out.

Here's a quick tip I learned which has changed my veg handling skills.

1: Leave the skin on, you can get this off later.

2: With the onion on its side, slice vertically up towards – but not through – the top of the onion.

3: By keeping the onion attached at one end, it'll stay together and fan out nicely for the next step…

4: Cut across the 'fingers' of the onion. This should be fairly easy given that the onion is still structurally sound.

5: Voila! One diced onion that stayed together and made your job easier. Now get rid of the skin, cut of the root and fry to your heart's content.

I realise this will be easier to follow when I've taken photos of the steps. I'll get around to it next time I'm alone with an onion…

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