Here's how to trick babies into eating healthy food

Some of these are pure genius

2y ago

I am by no means a parent, but I would imagine a handful of you are, so maybe these tips and tricks will come in handy. This video is with a sister and her younger brother who clearly isn't the biggest fan of healthy food. But, she has found some great ways to feed him the food he should be eating instead of the unhealthier options.

This video includes some wicked ideas such as a cucumber lollipop, watermelon popsicle, and aubergine pepsi. Some of these tricks may sound weird but if you care for your stubborn child's wellbeing, then they may be worth a shot!

Are these great or what?

Do you know anymore hacks like this?

If so, tell me in the comments!

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Comments (7)

  • How do you trick full grown adults into eating healthy food? Asking for a friend... 😐

      2 years ago
  • Never had a problem getting my son to eat fruit and vegetables. My daughter on the other hand...

      2 years ago
  • I seem to be in luck that my tiny human seems to love broccoli and other veg. Probably because that’s nearly all she’s fed... with the occasional meat dish

      2 years ago
    • That’s what we like to hear! She is already welcome here then!

        2 years ago