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On Wednesday night, the Food Tribe team organised a pub quiz that was led by Captain Slow himself. The quiz consisted of many round including a geography and a Clarkson, Hammond and May section.

A rather creative and interesting competition was announced by James May and FooTribe editor Rachael Hogg. All we have to do is just draw a tin of beans. It could be whatever you want it to be, even if it's May as an actual bean.

May also said: "special consideration will also be given to submissions that allude to, or parody, existing and iconic artworks that have shaped our perception of the visual world"

So without further ado, here is my entry to this competition:

A lot of thought went into creating this. The drawing, titled Bim's Beans Bonanza, encompasses many elements of my imagination and strange fixation on James' catchphrases.

The can itself is titled Bim's Blissful Beans - the product name which tells you all about the product. Accompanied with the slogan: "there's nothing like a can of Bim's" the brand mission statement is on the front reading "making beans great again".

Flowing out of the tin of Bim's Blissful Beans is a river of items that are dear to James May. Richard Hammond's Special Gin makes an appearance alongside May's favourite thing in the world - a tin of Spam.

On the other side, we see FoodTribe logos which enhance just how central beans are to the daily running of this content platform.

In the background I decided to recreate something from L.S. Lowry's famous Marketplace, Northern Town. The building in the back is supposed to be the factory where 'the magic happens' and the wonderful orange product is produced. More FoodTribe motifs are included with the windows acting as adverts for FoodTribe.

To fill the page a bit more, I decided to put a few quotes from my favourite James May moments which include: James' shed catastrophe in Top Ground Gear Force, May's Dacia phrase, and his rather 'messy' moment on the Top Gear Polar Special.

So I think I've covered everything that I've drawn. And after this, I'm pretty sure I'll stick to writing articles.


If you want to find more about the competition, closing on Sunday, then check this out:

Let me know what your thoughts are on this in the comments below!

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