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Here's the real reason Kim Kardashian West’s fridge is so empty

We know you’ve been losing sleep over this

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Cast your mind back if you will, to January 7 2020. That was the fateful day that we got a glimpse inside Kim Kardashian West’s refrigerator.

And what we saw there shocked us to our very core.

Oh sure, the purpose of the post was to market something or other. But nobody cared about that. What we were all focused on, of course, was KKW’s fridge. Her suspiciously empty fridge.

Why does Kanye and Kim’s fridge contain basically nothing but milk? Conspiracy theories were flung around online with wild abandon.

But now, thankfully, at last, we can all rest easy. Because we have an answer.

The high priestess of reality TV made an appearance on the podcast All’s Fair With Laura Wasser. She said it was weird that everyone was obsessed with what was in her fridge (fair).

According to People, she said the emptiness thing is because she has eliminated all single-use plastics in her home.

“Those fridges, I gotta find a picture of what they used to look like," she said on the podcast. "I had every kind of soda you could imagine, every kind of plastic water bottle you could imagine. We’ve cleaned out our whole house to get rid of all single-use plastic and most plastic everywhere, not just single-use."

And the copious amounts of milk thing? Well apparently that’s because all four of Kardashian West’s kids drink a different kind of milk.

“They were like, ‘How come you have so many different kinds of milk?’” she said: “So my son doesn’t have lactose. My daughter Chicago only drinks oat milk, North drinks regular milk, and Psalm isn’t into milk yet.”

How many kinds of milk do you have in your fridge?

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