Here's what happened to all the hand sanitizer...

Matt and Noah Colvin try to sell over 17,000 bottles from their garage on Amazon

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1y ago

At the beginning of March when the first Coronavirus death in the United States was announced, two brothers set out on a shopping spree. They first traveled locally, purchasing all the hand sanitizer from every store. They then set out on a 1300 mile trip across Kentucky and Tennessee in a U-haul truck buying thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer.

With their garage stuffed full they began to list and sell hand sanitizer on Amazon. The first 300 bottles sold quickly for anywhere between $8 and $70 per bottle. The very next day, Amazon pulled his account along with many others profiting from the panic around the Coronavirus. Ebay then followed suit, so this now leaves them with over 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer in their garage.

Luckily for Matt and Noah, the social separation will likely postpone their public flogging. It's not just them trying to profit during a crisis though.

Let me know in the comments what you think could or should be done to those who try to take advantage of others during a crisis? Is it simply demand and supply or does it go beyond that?


After facing a huge level of public shaming, Matt and Noah Colvin have finally donated their supplies of hand sanitizer...

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