Here's why you should watch 'The Trip'

You like comedy and food? Well you're in for a treat...

2y ago

If you are both a foodie and have a passion for comedy, then there is literally nothing else you could watch. The Trip is a show by the BBC which shows Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan going around some of the finest restaurants in Europe and Yorkshire.

Season One is set in the North of England and is simply brilliant and a great insight into British gourmet food. Some of the dishes they show are simply delicious looking. I have been meaning to visit some of these but haven't yet done so. Season Two is set in Italy where, as you can imagine, much pasta and wine is consumed. There is some truly mouth watering Italian cuisine in this series.

Season Three is set in Spain where paella is a recurring theme. I think what makes the show so unique and different to other travel cookery shows is that you have that special bond between Steve and Rob. That sort of funny hatred they have together is rather witty at times. We are also due to see a season four in the coming months which is to be set in Greece and should be a very enjoyable series. I have never been to Greece but I have heard the food is incredibly rich and fresh tasting.

If you are wanting to watch The Trip, you can find it on iTunes or on Netflix. I would highly recommend watching it if you are into your food as it might even give you some inspiration for meals. It is also worth watching purely for the impressions!

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Comments (4)

  • One of my favourite ever shows.

      2 years ago
  • I discovered it through the second season. The first season is amazing

      2 years ago
  • The first season was gold 🙌

      2 years ago