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    Here’s your chance to have your pet featured on a beer can

    Devils Backbone Brewing will make a star of your four-legged friend

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    Beers have the absolute best labels, am I right? Some of them are just flat-out works of art. And now one brewery is giving pet-loving drinkers the chance to have their four-legged friends featured on a beer can.

    Devils Backbone Brewing, which is based in Virginia, is running a contest to feature the pet of one lucky customer on the can of their Gold Leaf Lager.

    This is actually the second year that the company has run the contest. Last year they received a staggering 6,000 entries from beer-lovers, all suggesting their canine buddies. Fans voted on five doggy finalists, and the winner was a scruffy beauty named Archie.

    cr: Devils Backbone Brewing

    cr: Devils Backbone Brewing

    The website reads, "We loved seeing all of your four legged friends so much, that this year we’re opening it up to any and every pet. So, whether it’s your playful pup, cute kitty, cuddly chinchilla, happy hedgehog, or relaxed rock (too weird?), we’ll take ‘em all! Once again our fans will have the final say in voting for the winning pets. Unless they pick the rock. Probably not going to put that one on the can.”

    So get applying folks! The theme for the contest is adventure, so to enter, you should send a pic of your Adventure Pet as well as a little info about them. (We’re not sure how adventurous a hedgehog could be, but hey, we’re open to being proved wrong). It’s open through June 30.

    "Whether it's a pic from a hike last summer, a photo inspired by an adventure they hope to take in the future, or an adventure they're currently having safely at home," the brewery says.

    The team at Devils Backbone Brewing will then pick 100 finalists and hold online voting to narrow it down to five winners. They’ll have their portrait drawn by artist Brian Edward Miller for Gold Leaf cans.

    What’s more: during the entry period, if you’ve adopted or fostered a pet, you’re eligible for a $100 gift card for pet supplies.

    Does your pet deserve to be on a beer? Tell us about 'em! 😺🐶🐭

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      • 7 months ago
    • Awesome contest, but can only enter if you live in certain states which does suck for those they don’t live in those states. Such as myself :( 

        7 months ago