Hey Bim! Guess what? Your t-shirt's here

Bim there, done that, got the t-shirt...

1y ago

It had to happen. Given how almost every comment on YouTube these days is a reference to James May being trolled by a small robot, it seemed right that you should be able to buy the t-shirt.

Harking back to May's wonderful adventures in Japan, this t-shirt is perhaps the ideal way to spot fellow Japanophiles in the street – when we're allowed back in the streets, that is.

This funky 'Hey Bim! Guess what?' design isn't just available on t-shirts – you can grab a sticker or two for your laptop, have it printed on a mug or even a cosy hoody. We're so excited about this design we've bought a whole bunch ourselves already. Join the cool kids at FoodTribe and DriveTribe by clicking the big red button below!

Buy your Hey Bim! t-shirt here.

Bim there, done that, got the t-shirt?

Hey Bim, Guess what?

We're not sure we're ever going to get bored of shouting Hey Bim! whenever James comes to the office

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