High altitude food adventure

Keystone Colorado USA

2y ago

If you ever find yourself near Keystone Colorado there is a unique food adventure you should take in. Near the ski lodging there is a long standing family farm who offer a dinner experience with at twist.

The entire restaurant exists unchanged from when is was originally homesteaded. Stretching back the first settlers roaming westward. There are no modern amenities other than what is mandated by law for a restaurant. No electricity, no indoor plumbing and no car to deliver you to doorstep.

Instead your journey begins with horse drawn carriage deep into the mountains of the Colorado countryside.

Upon arrival they do point out that regulations have required they have both male and female restrooms but you can still use the original if you prefer.

The dinner itself takes the entire evening. The dining room is very small so it's something that books up very quickly. Make reservations as far in advance as possible. We spent an evening there the day before Christmas and I'm very sorry to say they do not allow photo's inside the dining hall.

So instead we had taken this short video of the entertainment that would have been the closest recreation of how dinner would have felt so long ago.

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If your ever in the area and looking for a wonderful food adventure look them up here. Remember the sun is always brighter at the top of the world!

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Comments (5)

  • How beautiful! I visited Colorado a couple years ago and it's astoundingly pretty.

      2 years ago
  • Wow, I’ve been to Keystone more than 20 years ago but missed this. Maybe it’s time to go back!

      2 years ago
  • It looks amazing. I love unique places to eat they are such an adventure

      2 years ago
    • Thank you Carole! It's definitely an adventure!

        2 years ago
  • Keystone: named after a truly terrible so-called beer, or maybe the other way around? Maybe, but probably not.

      2 years ago