HipDot and Reese have created the world's weirdest chocolate

Is it a chocolate collection? Yes. Is it a cosmetic collection? Erm, yes

3w ago

This is a question for the ladies who are reading this article. While using lipstick, have you ever though of, erm, eating it? No, right? Well, HipDot Cosmetics has partnered with Reese to create a makeup collection that you can actually read.

The lipstick and brushes (packed in orange sleeve) are completely edible. All of them have Reese's logo on them to show that they are completely edible.

What's more, the colour palette you see above is Reese’s milk chocolate pigment palette that includes six shades in brights and neutrals in matte, shimmer and glitter finishes. WOW

“Reese’s candy has satisfied millions of taste buds for so long, and when the opportunity came along to offer fans a new way to tap their other senses, it was too sweet of a deal to pass up,” says Jeff Sellinger, chief executive officer, HipDot Cosmetics.

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