Hitting Up the Groceries? Pinch Those Pennies!

Erika R posted in Budgeting
3w ago

With these unprecedented times, we have learned to be more mindful of what we have and need especially when it comes to the necessities in life. This of course applies to our favourite topic - FOOD. Even before the pandemic hit, many people have thought of clever ways to not only avoid wasting food but to also save money. Admittedly, I've wasted a lot of produce, thus wasting money. My new obsession is buying a bag of avocados whenever they're on sale. Usually, a bag here (in Toronto) will go on sale for about $1.99 (6 avocados per bag). That's a pretty good deal, right?! I'd say so. I then wait until they're perfectly ripe, cut them up and freeze them! And when I get a craving for some avo toast, a smoothie, a salad or guac, all I have to do is grab some chunks and let them defrost. And believe me, they're just as good and buttery as when I first bought them. Confession: I usually end up snacking on some chunks as I prep them for the freezer. You can of course do this with other fruits and vegetables to save them from ending up in the compost bin and not to mention, you're saving some money.

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Comments (13)

  • I did not know you could freeze them. Love this!

      26 days ago
  • Good tip Erika 👌

      26 days ago
  • What a great idea and 1.99 for 6 Avos is amazing we're lucky to get 2 for a dollar in Az.

      25 days ago
  • How about vacuum sealing them?

      25 days ago
  • Nice to know! I might buy a couple.

      26 days ago