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Holy cow! Cow seen in the back of car cruising through a McDonald's drive-thru

I've heard people say you need to spend quality time with your animals, but I don't think this is what they meant!

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Suppose you have a particularly mal-tempered cow. The obstinant creature kicks at the cattle dogs. It has a penchant for leaning against the weakest parts of the fence. On milking days, it refuses to enter the barn. It's run down the children. It's even killed a wayward chicken that entered the yard. All obedience options have been futile. What better way to drive home a point, of your next option, than taking the said cow to McDonald's?! "This is where you're going to end up if you don't behave Mr. Cow!"

I'd like to think this scenario was playing out live when Jessica Nelson saw a cow in the back seat of a Buick, in Wisconsin. As reported by Metro UK, Jessica wrote: โ€˜A WHOLE FREAKING COW!!! Tell me you live in Wisconsin without telling me you live in Wisconsinโ€™. My associations with cheese were half-truths--it takes a lot of cows in the same place to give this US state a 'cheese head' reputation. The cows are so well-loved they go in the back seat of a sedan? The choice of restaurant to take ol' Bessy out on a date hasn't been well thought out.

Image via ViralHog

Image via ViralHog

Jessica snapped the photograph in a drive-thru of a McDonald's, which has garnered over 50k views at the time of the report. She added to her post, 'Thereโ€™s a whole a** cow in the back of that car.' Apparently, the cow owner, named Bernie, stated there were actually three cows in his Buick: one mama and two babies.

If this doesn't get this cow in line, I don't know what will. "Not only will I sell you to the burger factory, but I'll sell your babies too! MUAHAHAHA!!!" Bernie must be one evil man. I'll say his villain ride needs a bit of work though. A Buick is hardly the vehicle to be driving cows around, nor is it the proper vehicle for any villain. That is, unless, Bernie did his homework and found Buick's are far easier to clean cow patties off the upholstery.

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