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Mackerel Pate made the easy way

2y ago

Making a healthy pate or if your posh mackerel mousse is easy quick and delicious, not only can you enjoy making it, you can enjoy your creation on some nice thick bread, French stick, toast or crispbreads or if you think you’re posh, artisan bread.

The recipe makes 3 portions, and the reason is, that Creme fraiche comes in 300 mil containers, so make a batch of 3 will use up all the cream fresh.


3 tins of Mackerel, each tin is 125g of Mackerel in oil or brine.

300 mil of Creme fraiche

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

A sprinkle of paprika

A sprinkle of onion salt

A sprinkle of ground chilli

A sprinkle of salt and pepper

3 containers for mixing

3 containers for freezing


Drain the oil from the canned fish.

Mackerel and Creme Fraiche

Mackerel and Creme Fraiche

Place the fish into a container, repeat for each tin and place into the remaining container. Break down the mackerel with a fork to flake the fish.

Mackerel and creme fraiche in containers

Mackerel and creme fraiche in containers

Now put in 100 mil of Creme fraiche into each container, add the lemon juice and a sprinkle of onion powder, chilli powder, salt and pepper into each container.

Mackerel and container

Mackerel and container

And stir until you get a nice thick paste.

Mackerel in three containers

Mackerel in three containers

At this time it will look a little runny but will thicken up once left in the fridge or freezer.

3 Containers of Mackerel Pate

3 Containers of Mackerel Pate

Now put the pate into the 3 containers, then put into the freezer. Thaw when needed making sure you stir the pate gently around so to break down any water molecules. You can also use the same recipe using fresh mackerel.

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