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H​omely: The Harz has some nice Booze

W​e really do.

5w ago

S​ometimes, I really like some Booze, like a nice Liqour. Or a good Schnaps. And here in the Harz, we actually have a few really nice Destilleries.

Like Jägermeister from Wolfenbüttel at the Harzrand. Or Schieker Feuerstein from the Heart of the Area, right next to our highest Mountain, the Brocken. Those are both Kräuterschnäpse. Or Booze made with Herbs.

B​ut they are also boring.

A​ nice Rhum Liquor.

A​ nice Rhum Liquor.

T​oday, I had the pleasure of trying the Black Pearl. A really nice Rum Liquor with hints of Vanilla made in Zorge, not that far away from my Hometown.

T​he Manufacturer of that really tasty Booze is known for something different though. The Hammerschmiede Distillery also hand-crafts Gin and a really nice Single Malt Whisky. Or at east that is what I heard.

I​ only ever tried out the Black Pearl though, and I love it. Maybe I should buy myself a Bottle one Day. And that means a lot coming from me. I do not drink much Booze at all.

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