Homemade A​loo tikki burger

6w ago

S​ome time ago when I was surfing on interney abyss, I found interesting recipe for "Aloo tikki burger", there exist many recipes for that and I decided to try the easiest one at the moment. Burger patty is made from mashed potatoes ( who doesn't love potatoes? 💁 one of the best veggetable on the Earth) with addition of green peas and seasonings like chilli, garlic, ginger, cumin, gram or chat masala, salt, pepper some flour and breadcrumbs. Seved my burger with cheese, mayonnaise - ketchup sauce, lettuce and fries covered with seasonigs as well ( yes double potatoes😆) It was very tasty, flavoursome and definitely keeps full for many hours! Thanks to Jane Fyffe and Doug F for supporting me with this idea 👏☺️. Wishing you all great weekend! 🍀🖤

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