Homemade Bagels

Possible one of the most satisfying bakes.....

Voodie Vie posted in Baking
7w ago

I ventured into making my own bagels! yes that's right I took the plunge and did something a bit out of my comfort zone eeekk!! and I have to say without sounding too big headed I think I may of pulled it off.

I always seem to struggle slightly when it comes to bread. I think I either over prove it or it simply just doesn't work out. But I have to say the process of making bagels seemed to be a fair bit easier than making a loaf of bread.... I followed a recipe from BBC goodfood and it turned out ok. The best part by fair is placing them into the salted water and watching them float. Not only that I managed to make my own sauerkraut and I got some fantastic vegan cream cheese from @nush if you ever see this stuff grab it its simply Devine! honestly you wouldn't know your eating vegan cream cheese.

What have you managed to bake which went better than you expected?

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