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    - T​efal know how to make your fast-food dreams come true at home

    H​omemade cheese burger and sweet potato fries? Buckle up

    Take this modern classic into the heart of your kitchen and come out winning

    2w ago


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    U​s Brits still consider the delicious combination of a juicy American cheese burger served with crisp and salty sweet potato fries as rather exotic. It's a dish best left in the hands of a chef who knows how to handle a patty (that's the meat part) and enjoyed in a restaurant as a treat. Wrong!

    M​uch to the distaste of the French, folks in the United States have been cutting sweet potatoes into thin orange hued strips and frying them up since the nineteenth century. Whoever decided to team them with a classic cheese burger in a saucy bun, is a mystery to us, but a genius nonetheless.

    Now winter is upon us and barbecues are a distance memory (much like hugging and mosh pits, but, alas, we digress) you will be pleased to know that recreating this scrumptious meal at home is easier than you think and much healthier too. How, you ask? We are here to tell you!

    The bods at Tefal have come up with the Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 air fryer, which is basically the only cooking appliance you need to pull off a healthy burger and sweet potato fries recipe-of-dreams (99% less added fat*) and with all the tricky timings taken care of. Win win. Not only that, but because the ActiFry has a paddle which stirs your food for you as well as two separate cooking zones, you can make both parts of the recipe in one without needing to lift a finger.


    *99% less fat cooking 1.5kg fries at 55% weight loss with 2cl of oil vs traditional deep frying with 2.2L of oil and cooking four pieces of steak for 10mins without fat vs traditional cooking in a pan with 10g of butter for 2mins a side.

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    Comments (5)

    • This looks so good! Love sweet potato fries too

        15 days ago
    • I love sweet potato fries and everyone knows I love burgers. 😀

        15 days ago
    • ...would it be acceptable to eat this for breakfast?

        1 day ago
    • Oh dear... it all looks rather dried up and oil soaked, even if it isn't. I must be a gastonought, not a gastronaught?

        6 days ago