Homemade gin diary: Day 2

Botanicals and vodka...

1y ago

As I announced yesterday, I'm going to explore the territory of homemade gin. You can find the previous post here.

Today I started the making process, and first of all I'm going to show you the botanicals I've selected.

Juniper berries (obviously); the base of every gin.

Cinnamon (half a stick)



Star anise

Pink pepper

It's the first time I've made something like this, and my knowledge about botanicals and spices is very low to be brutality honest. The ones I've selected are all very strong in flavour, and I have no idea about what the result will be.

Tomorrow I'm going to add orange peels and decide if it accentuates the flavour some of the above mentioned botanicals.

First of all I had to sterilise a jar, boiling it for a while.

The rest of the procedure, as you can see, is very simple: put the botanicals in the jar and pour vodka on it. A piece of cake!

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My homemade Gin is now resting in a cold and dark place. Meanwhile, I should start to think what to write on the label to put on the bottle once it's ready.

Any idea?

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  • This is the best show currently available online... apart from Lucifer

      1 year ago
  • Fantastic culinary idea! ZanGin? GinOla? too simple I guess, maybe try it first and then something will come up

      1 year ago
    • Hey! Happy to see you here, how are you?😁❤️

        1 year ago
    • Trapped at home ))) never realised how small my apartment is! Glad you are keeping yourself busy with gin-making, sounds really cool

        1 year ago
  • The name for it

      1 year ago
  • Tina’s IN

      1 year ago