Homemade Gin's diary - Day 3

It's time to add orange peels!

1y ago

My voyage in the handmade Gin's world continues, yesterday I prepared the jar with all the botanicals and I let them soak in vodka for 24 hours, today it's time to check the jar and add orange's peels.

You can find the previous post here.

If you are not bothered to read back, long story short, I'm making compound Gin, the procedure is apparently simple and requires only vodka, some herbs and spices or botanicals, and a jar.

As I said previously, this is my first attempt, so I have no idea if the result will be actually drinkable, but nevertheless, I was curious to try so...It feels a little like those school's science projects we all made as kids, but with alcohol involved.

After 24 hours vodka isn't clear anymore, all the botanicals are floating, except for the cinnamon stick, and the smell is quite strong. I'm starting to think that put two seeds of star anise was a mistake, more than Gin it smells like Sambuca, which is delicious but not exactly correct. I hope that orange peels will soften a little the flavor.

First of all, I have to peel the orange, paying attention to remove the white part on the inside, otherwise, it will give a bitter taste to the Gin.

I'm going to add a few more Juniper berries and pink pepper grains as well, I don't know why but I think I should.

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Maybe I've added too many orange peels but should be fine, it would be good if the final result tastes a little like the Beefeater Blood Orange Gin I had last time I've been in London...

Later I have to shake the jar, and then it should rest for a day or two before being ready to be filtered. Let's see what comes out!

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