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Homemade Gin's diary - Day 4

Time to remove the botanicals...

1y ago

Here we are on day 4 of my adventure with the homemade alcohol production. If you have missed the previous posts, here you can find them.

Sitrep, a few months ago I received as a present some botanicals, seeds and spices basically, which are meant to be used to make Gin at home. What I'm doing it's called compound Gin, and as a main alcoholic ingredient requires vodka. The reason is simple, I don't have an alembic to distill the liquor. Anyway...

Day 4, my homemade Gin is ready to be tasted and filtered. Yesterday I added orange peels, and now I'm fairly sure I have added too many. The liquid has turned of a nice shape of orange. Nevertheless, the smell is still strong but pleasant, and compared to yesterday there is just a hint of anise in the flavor. I had a small sip, and Lord is pretty strong, I guess the alcoholic gradation will drop a little in the days that remain before it's ready. Overall it's good, the orange flavor doesn't cover all the other botanicals.

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I filtered it in another jar to remove all the botanicals and then poured it again in the original jar. Now it needs to rest for at least two days.

There's something deeply satisfying on pouring alcohol or is that just me?

I'm starting to think about in which bottle put the finished product and how to call it.

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