- One Hot Dog please.

Hot Dog!

There were finally Hot Dogs at the Kiosk.

1w ago

For Days, I had been trying, and very much failing, to get a simple Hot Dog at School.

On my first Day, after I had seen it on the Kiosks Menu, I knew that it had to be done. But every time I asked for one, they did not have any.

It was kinda disheartening to be honest.

With crunchy Onions, obviously.

With crunchy Onions, obviously.

Just today my Luck changed then: The Kiosk was actually not sold out, and I was able to get that coveted Hot Dog.

It was a grand moment when I finally was able to take a bite and enjoy it.

Before that, I still had to take some Fotos though.

So satisfying.

So satisfying.

That first Bite was so satisfying. It quenched a two Day craving, but it also left me wanting more.

For example I missed some nice Pickles. And the Bun was great, but also not at all what I had expected. Instead of it being Soft, it was more like a small Baguette.

Still, I will probably try to get another one tomorrow.

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