- Butter Chicken, mix of Pulao Rice and Dahl Makhani

Hot, humid, Sunday - so curry time

I batch cooked Chicken Tikka pieces in my Ninja Foodi, so obviously Butter Chicken beckoned: I didn't fancy Chicken Tikka Massala.

7w ago

My understanding is that Butter Chicken was invented to use up excess Chicken Tikka, so it ruled out the Misty Riccardo video, and I wanted to use some older gravy and wanted a BIR-style quickie.

I settled on Syed's: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vCWOTTx_K8

Except, as usual, I had to meddle:

- marinated the chicken (breasts, from Franklins of Thorncote - the butcher removed the skin at my request before weighing, I like the service there) using the marinading like this mistyricardo.com/chicken-tikka/

- the 5.7l Foodi is better at 2 skewers at a time for the bamboo skewers I have, shorter ones would work better. I understand that in the US it is possible to buy an accessory for 8l Foodis that will stand a lot of shorter skewers upright. I'm jealous.

- I had just cooked the skewers of chicken, so I had leftover marinade, technically raw chicken - so I chucked it in first and fried it, before the garlic/ginger and then the warm tikkas

- the gravy I used was highly spiced with whole spices but no chili or tomato (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za-78k5Gl3I)

- I added some 'spicy chicken and lemon' gravy left over from my attempt to use all of a whole chicken in the Foodi.

It was very tasty, but a bit spicier than is normal for this dish. Not sure how much came from the extra marinade cooked off, or the spiced gravy I added.

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  • These are some Indian Cooking books I like. I’m sure you can find Alamelu Vairavan on line. She did a series on Public Television in the US ( Minnesota)

    Says she has a website, curryonwheels.com

      1 month ago
  • Butter chicken is so good.

      1 month ago