Hotel hosts steak night to commemorate Clarkson getting fired from Top Gear

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2y ago

Simonstone Hall Hotel in the Yorkshire Dales hosts an annual steak night to commemorate the anniversary of the moment that resulted in Jeremy Clarkson getting fired from Top Gear.

The annual event holds even greater value in 2020, marking five years since the famous 'fracas' that saw Jezza lose his job on the most popular car-show on television.

Photo: Simonstone Hall Hotel

Photo: Simonstone Hall Hotel

Fancy attending the event yourself? Well, a Facebook event set up by the hotel, invites fans of Clarkson and Top Gear to gather together in memory of the good old days.

To this day, the events of 4 March 2015 are still unclear, but the story goes that, after a long day of filming, Clarkson punched one of the Top Gear producers after he was told there were no steak and chips left at the hotel.

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

Not only does the Simonstone Hall Hotel host a meal in memory of the Grand Tour presenter's BBC career, but has also gone as far as to erect a small sign to inform visitors of the historical event.

Petrolheads and Top Gear fans from around the world make the annual pilgrimage, and despite the Facebook event only being a matter of hours old, places are filling up fast.

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

Steak and chips is obviously the meal of choice, with wine and live music also available for guests.

If you fancy going, visit the Facebook event here to book your spot!

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