House Belfast - 1 day work trip with 3 hours 'me' time

15w ago

As Covid-19 is surely letting the world get back to normal, I took the opportunity attending a work event in Belfast. From London its only about 2hours but I got to get back on a plane after such a long time. So landed... and straight to to hotel to drop my things and meet a mate that lived over there and luckily worked in a bar. Last food order is at 9:30pm (I had to pre-order something quick on the menu that caught my eye) . It is always Seafood at times! Made it to the bar for 9:29 and she already put my order in. Tiger Prawns, Langoustine and Chorizo Pil Pil (White wine, chilli & garlic w/freshly baked focaccia bread) . WELL what a DELIGHT. There was no picture to take once I finished because there was nothing left! Absolute delish!!! As were in Belfast, got to get the drinks in - she surprised me with 2 lovely cocktails and a bottle of wine! I'll let the images continue this post....

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