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How about a side of lobster in your Bloody Mary?

Red Lobster adding a touch of decadence to a classic... sorta

1y ago

There is nothing modest about lobster. It's the go to dish for those looking for something a little luxury, a little decadent, and a little...extra. That's all despite the fact that it used to be served to prisoners hundreds of years ago.

But these days, what better way to complement such a celebratory meal than with a nice cocktail? The tomatoey bitterness of a Bloody Mary should do nicely!

It would appear some people are so into their lobster, they wanted nothing more than to be able to order some lobster, with their lobster! Luckily, the attentive people at Red Lobster were only too happy to facilitate this and, for a limited time only, have launched the Lobster Bloody Mary.

Now, we know this particular cocktail comes in a number of non traditional forms, but this has to be the most radical version yet...!

Order this special beverage and you'll have your traditional vodka based drink, topped with a jumbo shrimp, a Cheddar Bay biscuit, a green olive, and a Maine lobster claw. Because why not! You'll also get a wedge of lime and some spicy chipotle barbecue seasoning to finish it off.

If this sounds like just the thing your regular lobster dinner has been missing, then you best get your skates on because it's available in all Red Lobster branches in the US and Canada till 2 February!

Have you tried this? Would you try this?!

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