How accurate is your country's food, abroad?

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Living in the UK and having never travelled to Japan, the pictured miso soup and deep fried tofu dinner seemed extremely impressive. The flavours were foreign and new to our taste buds, which made the experience feel like a true taste of Japan. But, was it really? We can never be sure! Which raises the question: How well is your home country's food represented abroad? Are the cooks getting traditional recipes right, or not quite?

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  • No. I don’t think it’s the cooks fault, though. The ingredients are just not the same. When I lived abroad, I tried cooking many Brazilian recipes, but they just didn’t taste like the real deal.

    (Welcome to FoodTribe, Karina!)

    2 months ago
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    • That‘s exactly what I thought when I was trying to cook German recipes abroad.

      Even if ingredients look the same, some of them have most likely been shipped halfway around the...

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      2 months ago
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    • :) That's so true! Especially when it comes to fruit & veg, tastes different wherever you go

      2 months ago
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  • Indian food in the UK is very much closer to the real food you get from India itself. It may be due to the massive amounts of Indian residents here in London especially, including my father. Indian food in India though has an edge over Indian food in the UK. The tea in India is probably the best thing ever. I need detective Kiran Ganesh to offer his opinion as well.

    2 months ago
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    • Had the opportunity to try real Indian food at a wedding not so long ago! You're telling me that in India it would taste even better? Absolutely delicious.

      2 months ago


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